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Mar 13

Are Dog Bites Covered by Local Laws of State Laws?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Your dog is your best friend, but if he is an aggressive dog or is easily provoked, he may also become a liability. Dog bites are governed by state law in California, and they can result in serious fines and penalties for the dog owner. If you have been injured by a dog bite, Farhad Hamdam, Los Angeles dog bite attorney, can help.

California Civil Code 3342 governs dog bite laws. It states that the dog owner is liable for any injury inflicted by their dog while the dog is in a public place or while the victim is lawfully on private property at the time of the bite. Whether the owner knew the dog was capable of viciousness is irrelevant to the law; the dog owner is still responsible even if the dog had never bitten anyone in the past. It also does not matter if the dog was provoked. The owner is still liable for any injuries the dog caused.

There are exceptions to this law. If the dog was a military or police dog that inflicted injury while performing its duties, such as apprehending a suspect, or if a military or police dog was provoked, the responsible owner or agency is not responsible for the damages inflicted by the dog. Another exception is if the dog bite was inflicted upon a trespasser. In this case, the owner of the dog is not responsible for the damages. Also, they can bring trespassing charges upon the victim.

Contact Mr. Hamdam, Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, if you have been bitten and injured by a dog. Mr. Hamdam has helped hundreds of dog bite victims, just like you, get the compensation they deserve.