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Encino Commerce
Mar 18

Death Rates Due to Truck Accidents in California

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  
Tagged in: Truck Accidents

Large trucks must share the road with other motor vehicles every day. Often referred to as semi-trucks or tractor trailers, these massive vehicles are necessary to transport more than 70 percent of consumer goods from one point to another. While tractor trailers are necessary for a major portion of the economy, sharing the road with these big rigs increases the risk of an accident.

Semi-trucks account for only about 3 percent of registered motor vehicles and 7 percent of miles traveled. However, large trucks account for about 13 percent of traffic-related fatalities every year. While the average motor vehicle weighs in around 4,000 pounds, semi-trucks can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds. Sheer size, weight, and speed involved in an accident with one of these monsters of the road is likely to crush another vehicle while leaving occupants with serious injuries, such as brain trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, serious burns and permanently disfiguring injuries, or even loss of life.

Those who have suffered an injury or loss due a collision with one of these big rigs can contact our truck accident lawyer in Encino for a no-cost consultation. Our qualified professionals understand the devastation experienced by those involved in this type of accident and the life changing consequences that frequently occur as a result. Let our personal injury attorney in Encino help you with your case to obtain the compensation that is due to you.