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Jul 27

Do I Have Access to My Child’s Settlement Money?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Do I Have Access to My Child’s Settlement Money?Injuries are something that every single person will have to deal with throughout their lifetime, but serious injuries that are the result of another party will often require a lengthy settlement or civil trial in order for victims to get the funds that they are legally entitled to.  This can be especially devastating for minors, and that is why many are asking our Los Angeles PI lawyer, Farhad Hamdam, how parents can access their child’s settlement money after a collision or accident.


From the moment that any child is injured, it is important to seek out professional medical assistance, and contact our law office in order to begin the healing process and protect one’s financial future.  If a settlement is made for the child, the parents may have access to some of the funds depending on the stipulations that were set by the insurance company, judge, or other party’s legal counsel.

In many of these cases, a certain percentage of the funds will be diverted into an annuity account that will be ready for the child when they reach the age of 18.  For parents that require immediate funds for costs associated with their child’s injury they may be able to request financial assistance from the judge that oversaw the trial.

All those that have recently been injured or had a child injured in an accident should contact the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates today.  We will help you and your family receive the financial assistance that you need to pay for expenses and begin the healing process.