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May 02

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Dog Bite Cases?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Dog Bite Cases?When unfortunate accidents take place in a vehicle or while on the road, most individuals understand that the insurance that is required by California law is going to help to cover some of the expenses. There are times when victims or defendants may be unsure of who might be legally obligated to pay for an injury though, including dog bites.  This is why our dog bite injury lawyer in Los Angeles believes that all residents should understand the basics of dog bites and how they are covered under home insurance policies.

In almost all cases, dog bite injuries are covered by one’s home owner or renter’s insurance. The amount and type of coverage are going to be determined by a wide range of variables including the breed of the dog, where the bite took place, how severe the injuries were, and the nature of the victim.

The compensation that is offered by an insurance company is also going to be dictated by the policy itself. Various policies, such as mobile home insurance, may only offer as little as $25,000. In these instances, victims are often going to be required to take the defendant to court in order to receive the full extent of damages that they deserve.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney is ready to work with all dog bite victims so that they can get the coverage they deserve to move on with their life. Give us a call today and start the process of protecting your health and your finances.