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Sep 14

Does Posting a Beware of Dog Sign Offset Dog Bite Liability?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Injuries involving animals, especially household canines and guard dogs, can become especially convoluted and difficult for anyone to deal with.  Both sides may be unsure of which party is responsible for the bite, and there are countless rumors about these types of personal injuries.  Here is a look at dog bite injuries, how warning signs affect liability, and the importance of contacting Farhad Hamdam, dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles, the moment that one of these injuries take place.

In these types of scenarios, there is no perfect method for either protecting the owner from being sued or for the victim to receive compensation after the attack.  The judge will take a number of factors into consideration including if the victim provoked the attack, knowingly took the risk of being attacked, was trespassing, or was engaging in any illegal activities.  In addition to these factors, a posted sign may also minimize the dog owner’s liability, but it will not always completely remove it.  This is why it is important for both victims and dog owners to contact a legal specialist as quickly as possible to discuss their legal options.

If you or someone that you love has recently become involved in one of the overwhelming legal situations, our practice is here to help.  Farhad Hamdam, Los Angeles PI lawyer, has worked with countless clients over the years, helping them build the airtight cases that they need to receive fair compensation and move on with their life as quickly as possible after an accident has taken place.