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May 04

If I do not carry motorcycle insurance, can I still sue the other driver involved in the accident?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

motorcycle accident lawyer in Los AngelesMotorcycle collisions are going to be unlike any other type of automobile collisions and they are often going to leave the rider with severe and life-threatening injuries.  Those that have recently been injured in one of these accidents but did not have valid insurance at the time may be wondering if they can still sue the other drivers that were involved.


These types of cases are going to become exceedingly complex and all riders should immediately contact our motorcycle injury lawyer in Los Angeles.  While the rider does have the right to still sue the other driver, they may still be in for legal repercussions, such as an immediate suspension of their license and huge increases to their insurance premiums once their license suspension is up.

In order to build an airtight case, it is important to immediately contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorney and begin collecting as much information as possible.  Even riders that were partly at fault for the collision may still be able to receive a sizable percentage of the final settlement in order to be able to pay their medical costs and any other bills that they may have.

The Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is here to help you or your loved ones get through one of these overwhelming events as quickly and affordably as possible.  If you have recently been involved in one of these types of collisions and did not have valid insurance at the time, give us a call today in order to protect your health and your finances.