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Apr 02

Is It Necessary to Carry Insurance for Your Motorcycle?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Is It Necessary to Carry Insurance for Your Motorcycle?Every time that a rider gets out onto the road, they are taking the risk of serious injuries, damage to their bike, and even death.  Unfortunately, many riders continue to neglect purchasing motorcycle insurance in spite of some very compelling reasons.


Within California, all riders are required to have valid insurance at all times.  If a rider is pulled over by a law enforcement officer or involved in an accident and does not have insurance, they are going to be subject to penalties including fines of up to $500, an impounded vehicle, and an immediate suspension of their license.


In addition to the legal reasons to carry valid insurance, all riders should protect themselves in the case of accidents and serious injuries.  Comprehensive insurance is often going to be the only thing standing between a rider and financial ruin if they have been involved in a collision and are going to require surgeries, medications, and physical therapy.  This type of comprehensive coverage may also benefit drivers in the case of damaged riding gear, natural disasters, theft, or even roadside assistance.


If you have recently been involved in an accident and are unsure of how you are going to receive compensation to pay for medical expenses or damaged property, our motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles is here to help.  We have built our practice on the belief that all riders deserve an experienced legal specialist that is going to devote time and energy into every single client until they receive the settlement or verdict that they deserve.


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