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Jul 18

Is there a Minimum for Personal Injury Settlements?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Is there a Minimum for Personal Injury Settlements?The moment that any type of injury takes place, it is important for all victims to seek out medical attention as quickly as possible.  Even those that feel as if they are not severely injured may be internal damage that could cost them huge amounts in the long run.  Once the victim has received medical attention, they may discover that there were only minor injuries, and this has many clients asking our pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles if there is a minimum amount that can be awarded for personal injury settlements.


Within the state of California, there is no minimum or maximum amount that can be received after a personal injury.  There are a huge amount of factors that must be taken into consideration though in order to determine how much compensation a victim legally deserves.  Initially, the judge, lawyers, and insurance companies must come up with which parties were responsible for the injuries.  Even the victim may be partially at fault, therefore partially responsible for a percentage of their own bills and other expenses.  Other factors that must be accounted for including the overall damage to property, the severity of any injuries, and other economic damages such as the loss of one’s ability to work.

If you or a loved one has recently been injured, do not hesitate to call our Los Angeles personal injury attorney today.  These legal battles can quickly spiral out of control, and even if you have been offered a settlement it may not be enough to cover some of the ongoing medical treatments that these accidents may result in.