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Apr 02

Should I Always Call the Police in a Car Accident?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Should I Always Call the Police in a Car AccidentThose first few moments after an automobile collision can be both painful and confusing.  Many drivers may not be sure of the exact steps that should be taken in order to protect themselves, their passengers, or even those in the other vehicles.  One question that many drivers continue to ask is if it is necessary to call the police after an accident.

Immediately after the collision, safety should be the goal of all parties involved.  It is important to note that helping other individuals or asking if they are okay is never an admission of guilt and will often make the process smoother.  Once all involved parties are safe, drivers should immediately collect as much information as possible and make a call to the police.

This should be done for a few very important reasons.  If the other driver gives false information in hopes of evading the charges, a police officer will be able to more accurately validate their identity and their vehicle.  Additionally, if the accident does turn into a civil suit, avoiding a call to the police may also be viewed as a sign that the driver was attempting to hide some aspect of their accident.

Even the most minor of collisions can become overwhelming for victims.  This is why the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is proud to offer its services to anyone that is in need of an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles in order to quickly receive the compensation or settlement that they need to move on with their life.