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Apr 04

What are the Different Forms of Compensation in Personal Injury Cases?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

What are the Different Forms of Compensation in Personal Injury CasesAccording to research conducted by Harvard University, the leading cause of bankruptcy within the United States continues to be medical expenses.  Those that have recently been injured in an auto accident, at work, or even in their home may quickly find out just how overwhelming these bills can be.  Even individuals with health insurance may not be receiving fair compensation for their injuries.  This is why our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer believes that every client deserves to understand the basic forms of compensation and what our law firm can do for you after a devastating injury.

The goal of almost all personal injury cases is to award the victim with special compensatory damages.  This type of compensation is used to cover all of the basic expenses that are the result of an injury including medical bills, the cost of future medical care, household expenses, altered plans, and the loss of earnings.

General damages, on the other hand, are awarded to victims for pain, suffering, mental anguish, or even a loss of companionship.  In the case of a wrongful death, surviving family members may be awarded damages for funeral costs, emotional distress, and a loss of financial contribution.  In more severe cases, a judge may also award punitive damages which are used as a punishment for any despicable or reprehensible acts.

If you or a loved one has recently been injured due to the negligence or malfeasance of another party, the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is ready to help you build a case that is going to get you the compensation that you deserve.