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Feb 10

What does products liability mean?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

After spending hard earned money on a product, it can be disheartening to not get what one expected.  What is worse is when the product goes from defective to dangerous.  This has many consumers wondering what obligations a manufacturer or company has to their customers and what to do when a product is in fact defective or dangerous.  This is why our Los Angeles products liability attorney believes that everyone should understand the basics of these laws and how they protect them every single day.


These laws break down into three distinct types of lawsuits:   Negligence, strict liability and breach of warrant.  One of the more common lawsuits will come down to defects and negligence.  This occurs when a manufacturer produces an item that, knowingly or through negligence, was dangerous.  This could either mean the item was designed improperly or simply manufactured improperly.

A strict product liability case will not involve defect.  Instead, our products liability lawyer in Los Angeles must prove that the item is unreasonably dangerous.  These cases can become very complex and often require experts in the field and a very in-depth analysis of what was taking place.  The final products liability case will come down to a breach of warranty.  This is when companies fail to deliver on any oral, written, or implied promises for their product.

These cases are almost always going to be too difficult for a victim to go through alone.  The experienced team of legal specialists here at the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is committed to getting our clients the compensation that they deserve for all products liability cases.