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May 07

What is Comparative Negligence?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

What is Comparative NegligenceWhen beginning the process of hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and creating a civil case in order to receive a settlement, many victims are forced to leap into the legal system without all of the information that they are going to need to work with their representative to build a winning case.  This has many clients asking what comparative negligence is and how it may affect their case.

All those within the United States are expected to act in a manner that is not going to put other parties into undue danger.  This means that everyone is responsible to act with reasonable care in any given situation.  Those that fail to do this may be responsible for any harm that has been caused.

If two or more parties were partly at fault for any harm, one of the lawyers may use the comparative negligence defense.  California is one of the few states that accept these assertions, and it simply states that more than one party was responsible for the injury or accident, and therefore, more than one of the parties involved are going to be responsible for the compensation or settlement.

Even if you feel as if you may have been partly responsible for an accident or injury, it is important to still contact our slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles.  We may be able to assist you with lowering your medical bills and receiving at least some compensation for any accident that you have recently been a part of.