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May 24

What is Hazardous Condition in a Slip and Fall Case?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

What is Hazardous Condition in a Slip and Fall Case?Many victims may not know that they are legally entitled to compensation after being injured on one’s property.  Whether it is at the store or walking up the stairs coming home, these situations can be devastating for those that have been severely injured, but they can also become exceedingly complex.  This is why our slip and fall accident attorney in Los Angeles believes that all victims should be made aware of the compensation that they may be entitled to as well as exactly what a “hazardous condition” is.


The majority of slip and fall cases are the result of an injury or death being caused by a hazardous or dangerous situation.  In order to receive compensation, our Los Angles personal injury lawyer will work close by your side to establish that the injury, wound, or death of a loved one was caused by a dangerous atmosphere.  These situations can include unsafe building design, spills, or broken safety equipment such as handrails.

Our experienced legal representatives will be able to work with either an out-of-court-settlement or the judge in a civil trial in order to award you damages that will pay for a wide array of costs that are associated with a serious injury.  This will include the immediate medical costs, ongoing therapy, medication, and even coverage for other bills such as car payments or a mortgage.

After being injured, no one should attempt to take on insurance companies, lawyers, or the legal system by themselves.  Contact the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates today to receive the compensation that you deserve.