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Feb 03

What is personal injury?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  
Tagged in: Personal Injury

Many have heard of personal injury lawsuits and tort law, but very few have been given access to the basic information and wording of these laws.  Injuries are going to be an inevitable part of life for most people, but what happens when they are the result of another party?  Here is a quick look at these very important laws through the eyes of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates.


For a personal injury suit to take place, one party must harm another party or their property.  These injuries could be sustained through negligence, intentional action, or strict liability.  In an ideal situation, the offending party is going to compensate the victims for injury, pain, and suffering.  This could include lost wages, medical expenses, damage to property, loss of learning capacity, and even emotional distress.

The judges will be looking at two major components once the injury or damages have been confirmed.  The first is the offending party’s liability.  The judge will decide if they were legally responsible for the injury or damage.  The second component is the damages.  The judge must take all of the evidence into consideration to decide what a fair compensation would be.  This is a very tricky process as the law will attempt to put a monetary amount on many distinguishable and indistinguishable factors.

If you have been recently put in harm’s way and are unsure of your legal rights, call our personal injury attorney in Los Angeles today.