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Feb 14

What is the difference between murder and wrongful death?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

What is the difference between murder and wrongful death?Understanding the differences between a murder and a wrongful death can be a confusing proposition.  Not only are these two crimes closely related, they may both even take place over a single event.  For anyone that is in need of a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer an unsure of where to turn, Farhad Hamdam is here to provide information and airtight legal defense for every single client.

In each of these cases a death must occur as well as having another party responsible on some level.  Many cases even involve the transition from one of these charges to the other immediately following the trial.  Out of the two charges, murder is much more severe, but wrongful death cases can become exceptionally intricate, emotional, and heartbreaking as well.

Murder generally comes down to a willful act by one party to end the life of another party.  Charges are laid against the defendant by the state and a full trial by jury must take place.  The resulting penalties may include fines, time in prison, and even the death sentence.

Wrongful deaths, on the other hand, are a civil lawsuit.  They may still be taken to a full trial by jury, but the victim’s family or representatives are the ones that will press the charges.  A wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles will generally request compensation for the family, but jail time may happen in extreme circumstances.

If you have recently lost a love due to an accident or negligence, our team of attorneys is here to get you the compensation and the verdict that you deserve.