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Apr 05

When Do Premises Liability Laws Apply?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

When Do Premises Liability Laws ApplyPremise liability laws are the body of laws which dictate who may be responsible for injuries that take place on another party’s property.  While these laws vary within every single state, all residents of California should understand the basics of these “slip and fall” cases, who is responsible for the damages, and what our Los Angeles premise liability attorney can do for you if one of these traumatic ordeals is beginning to unfold.

There are three types of victims that can create a premise liability lawsuit.  The first is the invitee, a party that is on one’s premises due to direct or implied consent.  This is often the case for shoppers that have entered a business to make a purchase.  Second is the licensee, a party that is on one’s property for non-business reasons.  This may be a party guest or a friend that has come over to one’s home.  Finally, there is the trespasser.  Property owners have very little legal obligations to trespassers; however, successful cases have still been created by these parties.

Property owners have a duty to maintain a safe environment for licensees and invitees at all times.  This includes things such as safety warnings where appropriate and clutter-free walkways.  If this is not done and a victim is injured, they should immediately contact the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates.  We offer a full range of services and our premise liability, personal injury, and auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles is only a phone call away.