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May 03

When is the property owner responsible for the injuries incurred on the property?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

When is the property owner responsible for the injuries incurred on the propertyAnyone that has recently been injured on another party’s property may be wondering if they can sue the property owner and what type of compensation that they may be able to receive.  This is why our premises liability lawyer in Los Angeles believes that all clients should understand when they may have the right to sue another party for the injuries that have been incurred on their property.


Premise liability laws are extremely complex within California but there are three primary instances in which a victim may be able to receive compensation.  All property owners are obligated to maintain their property in a safe and responsible manner, those that do not may be responsible for any harm that comes as a result of their negligence.  Victims may also be able to receive compensation if there was any damage in which the property owner had a reasonable amount of time to fix.  Finally, property owners must be diligent in the overseeing of their property.  Owners that are not diligent enough to maintain the property and catch any dangerous situations may be liable for any harm that comes as a result.

Whether you were shopping in a store or invited over to an acquaintances house, any serious injuries on another party’s property can be devastating.  If you have recently found yourself injured and are unsure of where to turn in order to pay your medical expenses and any other bills that may be piling up, our Los Angeles personal injury attorney is here to help you and your family.