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Apr 23

Who is Eligible to File a Law Suit for a Motorcycle Accident?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Who is Eligible to File a Law Suit for a Motorcycle Accident?Within the state of California, almost any party that is dramatically affected by an accident may be able to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this does not mean that these individuals are going to be able to win a drawn out trial in which they are seeking out a verdict or settlement that is going to get them the financial compensation they need. As your Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, we are here to help you navigate through this legal process as quickly and affordably as possible and still receive a positive outcome when it is all over.

If the rider is still alive and able to do so, they can file their own claim. This can even be done if the rider was partially at fault for the accident. California’s laws allow an individual to recover even a fraction of their medical expenses if the other party was at fault in any capacity.

If the rider is not able to file their own claims or was killed in the accident, their immediate family members, heirs, or their estate can then file the lawsuit. In these instances, the surviving individuals may be able to receive compensation for future lost wages, medical expenses, funeral costs, and even pain and suffering.

No victim or their family should ever attempt to take on the legal system or another party’s insurance company alone. Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer today and begin building an airtight cause that is going to get you the compensation that you deserve.