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Jan 15

Who is Eligible to File for a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Who is Eligible for File for a Dog Bite LawsuitIf you have been injured by a dog bite, you will want to recoup money for the medical bills and damages. However, you must file a lawsuit in the proper manner for the suit to be valid. Farhad Hamdam, Los Angeles dog bite lawyer, can help you get the money you deserve for your injury.


According to California Civil Code section 3342, anyone who was injured by a dog bite is eligible to file for a dog bite lawsuit under most circumstances. The owner of the dog is automatically responsible for the injury, whether it occurred on public or private property.

However, there are exceptions to this law. For example, if the dog bite victim entered the private place where the dog was located unlawfully, the owner cannot be held liable. Another exception to the dog bite law is if a military or police dog bit someone while they were performing a duty, such as assisting in the investigation of a crime, or if the dog was provoked by the victim.

Municipalities can add additional restrictions to dog bite laws. For example, in Beverly Hills, the owner is responsible for any injury caused by the dog, not just dog bites.

Understanding the laws and loopholes created by state and local laws can be difficult for someone not trained in California law. Mr. Hamdam, Los Angeles PI attorney, can help determine if you are eligible to sue for a dog bite or other injury caused by a dog.