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Apr 06

Who Should You Report a Dog Bite Case to?

Posted by: Personal Injury Attorney  

Who Should You Report a Dog Bite Case to?Dog bites happen at a startling rate throughout the country, and many victims are unsure of the correct steps that should be taken immediately after they have been injured.  This is why our dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles is ready to take on all cases in order to get victims the compensation that they need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Immediately after the bite has taken place, victims should seek out medical services.  Even if the bite does not seem severe, infections are a serious possibility due to the bacteria in an animal’s mouth.  While undergoing treatment, victims should also carefully record all services that they receive.

In the case of stray dogs that are an immediate threat to bystanders, it is appropriate to call 911.  While law enforcement agencies may merely forward the call to a local animal control agency, they can quickly help to control the situation.

Once everyone is out of immediate danger, victims should then contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorney.  Unlike many other types of injuries, dog bite cases can become extremely complex and it will not take much for these situations to become full civil trials.

All victims should understand the first few steps for reporting one of these traumatic attacks.  Once the authorities have been contacted and an individual has received medical attention, the Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates should be a victim’s next call.  We can work close by your side to help you create a case that is going to get you compensation in order to pay medical bills and move on with your life.