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Insurance/ Claims Not Paid

When an insurance company refuses to pay a claim, it is acting in bad faith.  The moment you sign your insurance policy, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the insurance company. This agreement states that you will pay a premium towards your insurance, and in return, the insurance company will investigate and pay your claim in the event of an accident or disaster. However, sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay claims on behalf of their insured.  If your insurance company has either denied or refused to pay your insurance claim, you have the right to take legal action.  An experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles bad faith insurance attorney can sit down with you to discuss your best options and course of legal action.

At Hamdam & Associates, we represent victims of bad faith insurance practices throughout the entire Los Angeles area.  We handle all forms of bad faith insurance, including:

  • Refusing to pay claims without justification
  • Denying claims without justification
  • Delaying claims without justification
  • Failure to pay insurance claims in full
  • Refusing to pay a claim in a timely and efficient manner
  • Failure to adequately investigate a claim

Claims Not Paid Los Angeles

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At Hamdam & Associates, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ do not fall victim to greedy insurance companies. Insurance companies do not make money when they have to pay out insurance claims. So often times the insurance company will cut corners or use deceptive methods to save money. In fact, many insurance companies have employees whose sole purpose is to find ways to avoid paying insurance claims. Insurance companies that engage in this type of behavior must be held accountable for their actions and punished by the law.

At Hamdam & Associates, we have years of experience handling cases involving insurance bad faith, and understand what it takes to win cases of this nature. We are diligent about proving the insurance company failed to honor its end of the contract, thereby entitling our clients to compensation. We are not afraid to stand up to powerful insurance companies and question the justification of their actions. Our main objective has always been to protect our clients’ best interest, and negotiate for a settlement that meets their needs and satisfaction.

If your insurance company has denied or refused to pay a claim, we can help. To schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced and aggressive Los Angeles bad faith insurance lawyers, please contact Hamdam & Associates at 1 (866) 342-6326.

If you have been involved in an injury or accident and an insurance company is not compensating you appropriately, make a call to our insurance claims attorney. We are here to represent victims in Northridge, Winnetka, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, Reseda, Lake Balboa, San Fernando Valley, Encino, Canoga Park, Santa Clarita, Panorama City, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, and Tarzana.