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Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney

Los Angeles Burn Injury AttorneyBurns remain one of the most painful and traumatic injuries that any human will ever have to go through. Even after the pain has come and gone, victims are often going to be looking at multiple plastic surgeries and potentially even grafting. At the end of the day, an individual will forever look and feel different once they have been burned. This is why our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer here at The Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is out to ensure that every victim receives the damages that they are seeking.

Burns are categorized into three stages severity and each comes with different responsibilities for those that have caused these burns. First degree burns are seen as redness on the outer layer of the skin. After the injury has healed, there will generally be no permanent scarring. Second degree burns penetrate down to the second layer of skin and can be extremely painful. These burns may even take weeks or a month to heal. Third degree burns are both severe and painful. They can permanently damage all nerve endings, lead to disfigurement, and may take years to only partially heal. If you have been on the receiving end of any burns, our Los Angeles burn injury attorney can help.

These injuries are unfortunately common and may be the result of a car accident, electrocutions, structure fires, specific chemicals, scalding water, and even defective products. Much like injuries that happen to the brain, burns often require years of expensive medical treatments. Our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer understands the time and energy it takes to partially recover from these events and will get you compensation that exceeds your expectations.

Los Angeles Burn Injury Lawyer

Here at Hamdam and Associates, we are dedicated to helping burn victims file the personal injury claims against all offending parties. We will build an effective case to help you reach the verdict that you want and receive the compensation for all medical bills, injuries, and suffering. These horrific burns are already painful enough; there is no need to go through this difficult legal and medical situation alone. Call our law offices today and begin taking your life back.

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