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Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney

Los Angeles Slip and Fall AttorneyWhen accidents happen, legal matters are not always the first thing that a victim would like to think about. Unfortunately, this can all quickly turn around when medical bills begin to pile up or employees can no longer perform their job due to an injury. Our Los Angeles slip and fall attorney understands just how trying these accidents can be and the insecurity that may take place immediately afterwards. When one’s finances and future is on the line though, it is time to take action.

All landlords, property owners, and businesses are required by law to maintain a safe environment at all times. As many people know, this is not always the case. Failing to place proper safety signs, spilled food, and leaking pipes can all spell medical and financial disaster for those that are injured by them. This is when our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer will step in to protect our clients.

Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer

The majority of these accidents will involve multiple injuries including head trauma, broken bones, internal bleeding, and potentially even permanent disability. Even the most minor of injuries could cost thousands of dollars in the emergency room and thousands more on medication immediately afterwards. Without the aid of our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer, victims that have become disabled may find themselves out of millions of dollars in wages due to their inability to maintain a job.

While these consequences may seem severe, proving them in court is an entirely different problem. With so much skepticism over these types of injuries in recent years, this legal situation can be both complex and costly for those that are unsure of how to navigate it. Here at The Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates, our Los Angeles slip and fall attorney understands how important it is for our clients to get the compensation that they need. These injuries can take place because of leaks, torn carpeting, broken stairs, broken handrails, blocked hallways, and any other unsafe situation. When this happens, it is time to speak with a legal specialist to reach the verdict that you deserve.

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