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Panorama City Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Panorama City Pedestrian Accident AttorneyWhen it comes to collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, it does not take much to acknowledge who is at a distinct disadvantage. These incidences will many times turn into lifelong pain, debilitating injuries, and even death. For victims or the family of victims that need a pedestrian accident lawyer in Panorama City, Hamdam and Associates is now offering its services to all locals that are in search of the compensation that they need to move forward.  

There are many different scenarios in which one of these accidents may take place and they are frightfully common throughout Southern California. Pedestrians may find themselves struck by drivers that are operating their vehicle negligently, under the influence of alcohol, on medications, speeding, racing, running a red light, or failing to follow right-of-way laws. No matter the case, Hamdam and Associates is here to provide services as your Panorama City pedestrian accident attorney when you need it the most.
Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Panorama City

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Panorama City

In the case of collisions between two vehicles, we all understand the insurance that is held by the drivers is most likely going to pay for the accident. For collisions between vehicles and people, things can become much more confusing. Victims may not be sure where the compensation will come from, who will pay their medical bills, or if they can even use the services of a pedestrian accident attorney in Panorama City. With over a decade of experience, you can be sure that your call to us will not be in vain.

The Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is dedicated to providing unmatched legal representation for all personal injuries, including pedestrian accidents. When an ambulance ride and visit to the ER could cost $15,000 or more, there is never any reason for a victim to take on this financial burden alone. We will work closely with you, the driver, and both of your insurance providers to either provide an out-of-court settlement or verdict that will meet or exceed your expectations.

If you need a Panorama City pedestrian accident lawyer for injuries that you have recently sustained, call Hamdam and Associates to begin exploring what you may be entitled to.

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