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Van Nuys Car Accident Attorney

Van Nuys Car Accident AttorneyThe aftermath that immediately follows a collision can be a trying time.  Both sides are most likely scrambling to seek out the medical attention that they need, figure out who is at fault, and wonder about what is going to happen in the next weeks.  In an ideal world, the offending party’s insurance company would pay for all of the compensation that the victim needs and everyone would move forward.  Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and residents of Van Nuys are most likely going to need a car accident lawyer in Van Nuys when one of these traumatic ordeals plays out.   

The Law Offices of Hamdam and Associates is now offering our services to locals of Van Nuys for those that would like to hire us as their Van Nuys car accident attorney.  We understand that there is rarely a minor accident, and the bills stemming from these ordeals can quickly add up.  On top of just the basic cosmetic repairs to a vehicle, the damage could have gone much deeper.  Drivers may find out weeks or even months later that the collision caused damage to the engine or chassis and will require huge amounts to repair or purchase a new vehicle.
Car Accident Lawyer Van Nuys

Car Accident Lawyer Van Nuys

Locals of Van Nuys may also find out that they need to utilize Hamdam and Associates as their Van Nuys car accident lawyer due to chronic or debilitating injury.  While no one would like to put a price on their health and well-being, many are unsure of what is going to happen if they cannot make it back to work or perform the same job they had previous to the accident.

With a single trip to the emergency room costing $10,000 or more, the offending party’s insurance company may not cover all injuries and damages.  This is when it is time to call Hamdam and Associates to reach the settlement and compensation that you deserve.

For those that decide to use a traffic law specialist from Hamdam and Associates as their car accident attorney in Van Nuys, they can rest assured that they are being backed by the experience they need to reach a settlement that meets or their expectations.

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